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Bénédicte Le Moigne-Grijol

French painter and ceramist

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About me

As a painter for about thirty years, ceramics have always been my "secret garden" on which I rarely communicated. It was my escape. For the last few months, circumstances have invited me to return to terracotta.

There are links, as you will see, between my paintings and my modeling. I mainly focus on the representation of humans, in groups or alone, and sometimes I also work on abstraction. 

I am currently preparing some exhibitions and am happy to share some of my work with you on this page.


My work

IMG_2716 (2).jpg

Article in "Art et décoration"

by Pascale and Bruno Boigontier 

The angels of memory 


Bénédicte Le Moigne-Grijol inhabits her canvases of characters, immense and magnificent, nameless and faceless, so big that they seem to touch the sky.

She is their messenger, their relay. They have imposed themselves on her canvases as a simple obviousness, small silent groups in their long tunics. Who are they ? Distant memories of an African childhood ? Sweet guardian angels without names or faces ? Bénédicte calls them "the guardians of time". Of time past, of time that could have been, of time to come bearing promise. They are, without a doubt, the bearers of dreams ... In the scratched paste of her linen canvases, she paints them in colours drowned with signs, silhouettes, endless dresses, smooth faces and hidden limbs. He ? She ? What does it matter ! Their presence, alone, is enough to create emotion. They are like legendary beings or African griots.

Worked with acrylic in successive layers in muted and warm tones, the canvases of Bénédicte Le Moigne-Grijol carry within them an astonishing mixture of serenity and joy, melancholy and spirituality. They whisper stories of travels, family or clan, and exquisite "palaver" in the shade of tall trees. They take us into a serene, fluid and warm space, between sky and water, for a secret and marvellous encounter with the unspeakable.

Ancre 1


Next exhibition 

Special exhibition for the new opening of the "Galerie Bleue" 

8 rue Anatole France, 83200, Toulon. 

More exhibitions will be planed in the next few months. 


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